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GVN International helps international companies and self-employed individuals with various business services such as drafting business plans, analysing tax and legal risks and liabilities of investments in The Netherlands.

Employment Law

Using our partners we help in drafting Dutch employments contracts and provide up to date information on legal obligations for employers. We strongly advice to consult an employment law specialist when employing employees in The Netherlands as Dutch employment law mandates extensive obligations for the employer.

Immigration Law

Using our partners we help companies, self-employed persons and individuals with application of work and residence permits including help in disputes with the Dutch immigration services and DAFT applications. As part of the IND application process we prepare business plans for self-employed persons and provide financial expertise and contra-expertise for companies who need to prove their financial soundness and continuity for IND permit application.

Contra Expertise

GNV International helps international companies and self-employed individuals with contra-expertise services should issues arise in proving the companies financial soundness and solvency for a renewal or extension of an IND permit.

Contract Law

GVN International has the expertise to help companies and self-employed persons in drafting various legal contracts such as client contracts, employment contracts, terms and conditions, loan and shareholder agreements, Non-disclosure agreements and contracts for self-employed persons avoiding wage tax obligations for their clients (Wet Dba modelovereenkomsten).

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