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Expat in the Netherlands

You will already have found out that taxes are a very good way for the Dutch government to get your hard earned money. Almost every income you make is taxed.

Being an expat you may have many questions like:
- Which taxes do I pay?
- What are the tax rates?
- How do I pay taxes?
- Can I get a tax free allowances?
- When do I receive a tax return?
- What is the deadline for a tax return?
- What is the 30% ruling?
- What are the possible tax deductions?

We can help you with your Dutch taxes and 30%-ruling application, no matter where you live. If you would like to start a business or work as a freelancer, ExpatTaxes can help you with the administration and contacts with the taxoffice.

When you arrive in or leave the Netherlands during the tax year, which is the normal calendar year, you will have to file an M form. The M stands for Migration. After the year of immigration you will receive the same tax return Dutch residents receive, the P form. The P stands for Private individual ('Particulier' in Dutch). The tax office will send you a tax return when they believe you owe them money or when based on previous years they know you will get a refund. Also when you requested a preliminary refund you will have to file a tax return at the end of the year. Apart from filing upon receiving an invitation from tax authorities, you will have to file a return when a tax liability exists. ExpatTaxes can help you determine if a tax liability exists.

We can complete your tax return for you. If you are a freelancer or business owner we can also help you with your business administration.

Since we are able to keep the costs low we can offer reasonable rates. For more information please look at our expat taxes website.

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